Providing you with a one-stop shopping experience, Superior Stone Design’s expertly trained staff will manage your project from material selection all the way through professional installation.

Step 1

You should first start by making a drawing of the room you want to be working in.
This should include any walls and large appliances like dishwashers, range, or refrigerators.
At this point you also want to get some approximate measurements to add to the drawing.
You can print and use the following worksheet to help with this step.
Granite Worksheet

Step 2

Design & Layout the Pieces
This is where you decide on things like bartops, overhangs, pass-thrus, radius curves and backsplashes.
You can decide on what type of edge treatment you want to use as well.
This step will also tell us how much material we are going to need for the next step.

Step 3

Now that we know the sizes and shapes we are going to be using it is time to select a material for your new top.
There are many materials and colors to choose from.

Step 4

Now we schedule a time for a physical template.
In this step we come out and make a template so that your new counter will perfectly fit all of your cabinets, walls, and appliances.

Step 5

With all measurements and details confirmed we do a final layout on your slabs.
We do this layout so you can see exactly what your top will look like before cutting.
This way we can be sure that features of the stone you selected are included into the final countertop.
Once this layout is approved we can begin fabrication of your tops.

Step 6

Time to install.
At this time we schedule a day for installation.
This can take anywhere from an hour for a bathroom vanity to a few days for an elaborate installation with multiple levels or multiple rooms.